During the next decade, the global low carbon economy presents an estimated $600 billion per year revenue opportunity for industries engaged in the development of clean energy and supporting technologies. With 196 nations committed to implementing their plans for CO2 emission reduction by 2020, building a competitive advantage today by integrating energy innovation leads to a cleaner environment while holding the greatest potential for meeting shareholder expectations.

2GL Platform is an innovative collaborative alliance of leading critical material companies that integrates graphene, graphite and lithium to produce, jointly market and sell next generation energy applications.

We aim to create a competitive advantage in the emerging green energy economy.

Who We Are

2GL Platform is an alliance for future growth. It is the first mine-to-market strategic business alliance that establishes a next generation energy production and storage supply chain from a shared management vision.

The 2GL Alliance Includes:

Focus is an emerging graphite mining development company intent on producing value-added products for the lithium-ion battery market and graphite for graphene enhanced applications and products, Focus Graphite (TSX-V:FMS) aims to produce graphite concentrate at its Lac Knife deposit located south west of Fermont, Québec. In a second stage, to meet Quebec stakeholder interests of transformation within the province and to add shareholder value, Focus is evaluating the feasibility of producing value added graphite products including battery-grade spherical graphite. Between 2014 and early 2016, Focus published three test results on its manufactured battery grade graphite for battery anode and expanded coarse flake graphite for battery cathode applications. All three tests supported the electrically conductive superiority of Lac Knife’s graphite over commercially available sources of synthetic and natural flake graphite.


Grafoid is a world-leading graphene research, development and investment company moving towards the commercialization of diverse, industrial-scale applications from internal development and through joint ventures with leading corporations and institutions. Grafoid is uniquely positioned to generate revenues globally from multiple industrial sectors. With the industry’s only mine-to-market global graphene platform, Grafoid intends to become a world leader in graphene’s commercialization. R&D and production facilities are based at Grafoid’s Global Technology Centre in Kingston, Ontario.

Corporate growth is tied to a three-pronged approach: in-house development of graphene applications, development through joint venture corporate relationships, and through the acquisition of established businesses.
Grafoid has developed a broad range of graphene industrial applications from its suite of Mesograf™, Amphioxide™ and GrafeneX products.


Stria is a junior lithium mining exploration company with an expanding technology focus in lithium metal and foil, Stria Lithium (TSX-V: SRA) is the sole owner of the Pontax spodumene lithium property in Northern Quebec. Stria’s mission is to be a reliable, profitable global source for both lithium metal and lithium compound products and process technologies for producing value added lithium products. Stria’s expanded business focus is on the application of in-house developed technologies and processes that lead to the production and milling of lithium metal and lithium metal foil for advanced lithium batteries. Anticipated future demand from the automotive and consumer electronics sectors for highly purified lithium bode well for a company with the expertise and technology to produce niche lithium products in tandem with its mining development objectives.

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Braille is an internationally recognized developer and manufacturer of advanced lightweight lithium-ion batteries. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Grafoid, Braille is both a battery sales company and a battery development company.
Braille Battery is currently the lithium battery of choice for many Indycar, NASCAR Formula 1 racing and virtually all levels of competitive racing on two and four wheels. Based upon its history of success in motorsports racing, Braille is using its proven product and knowledge to expand its marketing and sales potential into diverse commercial sectors including but not limited to: emergency vehicles, military, marine, industrial, and medical devices. More, Braille is well-positioned to maximize opportunities created from the development of next generation batteries.